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No Nonsense Workouts In Pickering

Related Stories World Class Conditioning If youre looking for a no nonsense kind of workout check out Ray other Wood and his team of certified trainers and instructors at Pickerings World Class Conditioning . They offer all kinds of different training programs including mixed martial arts, private coaching, youth and teen strength conditioning learn more programs and interval and circuit training. When you come to World Class Conditioning to take part in the interval and circuit training , youll blog notice its different than most of the gyms out there. No TVs, no juice bars, and probably most noticeable, no air conditioning. Ray says this is the best way turn your body into a lean mean fitness machine when you combine the atmosphere of the club with the high-octane workouts that will test your limits of discipline and determination while keeping an increased heart rate without long rest periods. Classes run Mondays to Thursdays and again on Sunday afternoons. You can drop in for a class to try it out before signing up too. For information about pricing, programs, and all things World Class Conditioning, you can visit their website, Facebook page , call them at 289-893-1259, follow them on Twitter , or check out their YouTube channel .
Full story: http://www.durhamregion.com/shopping-story/4180668-no-nonsense-workouts-in-pickering/

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